Body Armor

LifePro Shield offers state-of-the-art armor designed to redefine personal protection. Whether you’re a law enforcement professional or a vigilant civilian, our lightweight body armor is designed with your safety in mind and undergoes rigorous NIJ-compliant testing.

At LifePro Shield, our armor is not just a product; it’s your unwavering protector. We surpass industry standards, making your safety our top priority. LifePro Shield’s armor seamlessly adapts to a range of situations, from tactical and military operations to everyday scenarios where safety matters most.

Take Charge of Your Safety

LifePro Shield’s lightweight body armor isn’t just for protection; it’s about giving you peace of mind so you can confidently tackle life’s challenges. Whether it’s everyday tasks or special missions, our versatile armor is here to support you.

Stay informed, keep your armor in good shape and have a plan for emergencies to stay safe. Pair these armor plates with our tactical plate carriers for comfortable protection you can depend on.

Shop With Confidence

LifePro Shield is your dedicated partner when it comes to personal safety. From protective armor bundles to individual pieces, rest assured you’re selecting a superior level of protection, innovation, and tranquility.

Our dedication to quality means our lightweight body armor goes through rigorous testing, going above and beyond what's expected. We're here to help you feel empowered. Your safety, your loved ones, and your peace of mind are what matter most to us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the lifespan of body armor? +

UHMWPE and Ceramic armor plates can have a lifespan of several years or more when well-maintained. Failing to maintain and mishandling the protective gear can significantly reduce its lifespan. To ensure reliable protection, we recommend adhering to the NIJ’s advice and replacing your armor panels every five years. This approach guarantees the long-term effectiveness of your body armor, and you’ll always be on top of the latest protective designs and materials.

What's the level of effectiveness of armor plates? +

LifePro Shield is remarkably effective in ensuring your safety. Our lightweight body armor plates undergo rigorous six-shot testing and meet the NIJ standards, assuring top-notch quality. We take it a step further with our Incident Guarantee. If our armor saves your life, we’ll replace it for free. Just send us the original armor, proof of purchase, and a police report. It's our promise of product excellence. During our quality control process we go far beyond the NIJ standards for your peace of mind.

Which armor plate level offers the highest protection? +

LifePro Shield offers Level IV armor plates utilizing UHMWPE and Ceramic for the highest level of protection, setting the industry standard for superior body armor. These plates are engineered to stop armor-piercing rifle threats, ensuring your safety in the most challenging scenarios.