With LifePro Shield's body armor bundles, you can have peace of mind, knowing you have a complete defense system against projectiles. Combining an outer carrier vest and protective armor plate ensures adaptability and versatility for various applications.

With our bundles, you can confidently face any unforeseen challenges, whether on duty, in the field, or just going about your daily life. Whatever role you play or your lifestyle, you can count on LifePro Shield to provide superior protection and unbeatable peace of mind.

Body Armor Bundles

Buying LifePro Shield's body armor bundles offers numerous advantages for personal protection. These bundles provide both superior defense and unmatched convenience. With an outer plate carrier vest and a protective body armor plate included, you get a complete defense system in one purchase, eliminating the need for separate shopping and ensuring all your protection needs are met in one go.

Opting for bundles is also cost-effective, as purchasing these essential items together is typically more affordable than individually. Beyond the monetary savings, you gain peace of mind, knowing you’re fully prepared to face potential threats in various situations. For professionals and civilians alike, our body armor bundles provide exceptional convenience, safety, and value, ensuring you're well-prepared to tackle any challenges that may arise.

Why Choose LifePro Shield

Shopping with LifePro Shield means choosing a company committed to your safety and peace of mind. Our dedication to providing high-quality, cost-effective body armor solutions sets us apart. With a team experienced in the firearms and body armor industry, you can trust the expertise in crafting our products.

Our body armor bundles, tailored for professionals and civilians, provide unparalleled protection and convenience. Committed to strict NIJ standards, we collaborate with law enforcement agencies to guarantee the quality and effectiveness of our protective armor offerings. When you choose LifePro Shield, you're investing in top-tier safety solutions, with the outer carrier vest included, making your well-being and that of your loved ones our foremost concern.

Frequently Asked Questions

What materials are used in your body armor? +

Our body armor is constructed using a combination of materials for optimal protection. It includes composites, ultra-high polyethylene, and ceramics, which effectively absorb and deflect energy, enhancing your safety and security.

Do you manufacture your body armor in the United States? +

We’re actively working on establishing a manufacturing facility in the United States to produce outer carrier vests and protective armor plates. Our commitment to quality and safety extends to our efforts to contribute to local manufacturing, ensuring the reliability of our products.

What is the significance of the NIJ rating for body armor? +

The NIJ rating assesses body armor's protection against ballistic threats, established by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ). It spans from Level I to Level IV, with each level varying in protection. This system helps users, including individuals, law enforcement, and the military, choose the appropriate body armor based on their specific needs and potential threats.