Backpack Armor: Elevate Your Safety on the Go

Discover backpack bulletproof inserts — your dependable companion for prioritizing personal safety on the move. In our collection, you can seamlessly incorporate advanced protection into everyday carry, like a backpack. Why Backpack Armor? It’s a proactive choice, providing an extra layer of security wherever life takes you. Available in sizes like 10x12 and 11x14, our Backpack Armor ensures flexibility. Choose your style and equip yourself with LifePro Shield's commitment to safety and preparedness. 

Concealed Confidence: Backpack Bulletproof Insert

LifePro Shield’s Backpack Armor is a crucial safeguard in various scenarios. For students and teachers, discreetly incorporating the armor into their backpacks provides essential protection, offering peace of mind to the faculty, students, and parents during daily commutes and crowded academic settings.

LifePro Shield's Level IIIa Backpack Insert helps individuals stay safe in different situations and navigate through life's uncertainties with greater security.

Trust LifePro Shield for Top-Quality Protection

LifePro Shield stands as your reliable partner for premium Backpack Armor. Our armor inserts undergo rigorous NIJ testing, ensuring they meet and exceed high-quality standards and provide reliable defense against handgun rounds up to 240-grain .44 mag and 12 ga shotgun slugs.

Designed with a focus on discreet protection and user peace of mind, our inserts are concealable and offer robust security. LifePro Shield's Level IIIa Backpack Insert is strong enough for military use but specifically built for everyone, emphasizing safety for all situations.

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