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LifePro Shield: Security Redefined

LifePro Shield is the premier destination for elite personal protection solutions, offering everything from state-of-the-art Armor Plates and versatile plate carriers to all-inclusive bulletproof body armor bundles. Whether you’re equipping a law enforcement agency or your own personal security needs, we’re here to ensure you have the top-tier protection you need to put safety first.

Military-Grade Strength

Our armor is strong enough for the military but built for you.

Incident Guarantee

If your armor takes a hit, send us the police report and the armor, and we will replace it for free.

Rigorous Testing

Third parties independently test our armor for quality control and reliability.


We build armor that is extremely effective and affordable.

Free Shipping

Get free shipping on ALL orders. No minimum.

Exceeds Standards

We don't just follow NIJ testing standards - we go above and beyond for your peace of mind.

Real Customer Reviews

Ready for the Long Haul!

Posted by Blake on 12th Oct 2023

Carrying these armor plates is a breeze. They're lightweight and built to endure, ensuring I'm ready for the long haul. The plate carrier's quick adjustments make it a winner.

Impressed and Satisfied!

Posted by Mark on 12th Oct 2023

I'm thoroughly impressed with these lightweight armor plates. They're durable and surprisingly light, making my duty hours much more bearable. The plate carrier is a dream to wear!

Top-Notch Quality and Comfort!

Posted by Jonathan on 12th Oct 2023

Lightweight and comfortable without sacrificing safety. These plates and the carrier are of exceptional quality, and I feel confident wearing them. Worth every dime for the peace of mind.

Unbeatable Comfort and Protection!

Posted by Nelson on 12th Oct 2023

Finally found armor plates that offer unbeatable comfort without compromising on protection. The plate carrier is snug, and the plates are featherlight—perfect combo for any mission.

Lightweight Powerhouse!

Posted by Dave on 12th Oct 2023

I've been using these armor plates, and they are a powerhouse in terms of protection. Shockingly lightweight and easy to move in, making my job so much easier. Definitely worth every penny!

Feels Like a Breeze!

Posted by Ross on 12th Oct 2023

I can't believe how lightweight these armor plates are! It's like they disappear when I put them on. Super comfortable and doesn't slow me down at all. A definite must-have.

A Game Changer!

Posted by Derek on 12th Oct 2023

These armor plates are a game-changer! They're so lightweight, I almost forget I'm wearing them. The agility they provide is unmatched, making them perfect for my active lifestyle.

Extremely impressed!

Posted by Christian on 10th Oct 2023

I was taken away in how light weight the armor plates are. Was with Seabees for five years, an expeditionary unit, and compared to our issued gear, these plates are night day different! All with being level 4!

Armor Plates

Our bulletproof body armor plates undergo extreme testing, enduring six shots of .30 -06 AP, six shots of 6.5 Creedmoor, and six shots of M855. Lightweight, standard-sized, and made from ultra-high polyethylene materials, they offer exceptional protection at a competitive price. Make LifePro Shield your choice for unmatched personal security.

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Plate Carriers

Our plate carriers are the ideal solution for securely transporting your armor plates. This lightweight, agile, and tactical plate carrier is engineered to allow for quick movements in an emergency. Select from three design options: low-profile, laser-cut MOLLE, or classic MOLLE. Each ensures swift, secure readiness.

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Body Armor Bundles

LifePro Shield’s bulletproof body armor bundles are your all-in-one solution for comprehensive protection. These bundles feature our cutting-edge armor plates and ballistic vest, forming a complete defense system against projectiles. Crafted from advanced materials, our plates absorb and deflect energy for unrivaled safety. Trusted by professionals and civilians, our body armor bundles offer a convenient and reliable choice for total personal protection.

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Discover a comprehensive range of top-tier accessories for your tactical needs. Whether you need superior lighting, essential first aid tools, robust belts, versatile rigs, survival essentials, hydration solutions, and more, we’ve got you covered. Enhance your readiness with our quality accessories.

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LifePro Shield's MOLLE bags and backpack plate carriers are the ideal companions, catering to both military and civilian requirements. Combining rugged durability with sleek civilian style, these versatile bags provide generous storage for your essentials. Whether on a mission or an everyday adventure, our bags guarantee reliability and top-tier functionality.

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LifePro Shield champions the LifePro mindset. Whether you're a parent, a student, a neighbor, or a loyal defender of your rights and your community, we're here to help you be that exceptional LifePro and ensure your peace of mind.

LifePro has an unwavering commitment to quality and affordability. Our bulletproof body armor plates not only meet the highest industry standards and undergo rigorous testing but are also offered at highly competitive prices, ensuring top-notch protection is more affordable to everyone.

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Rigorous Testing for Top-Tier Protection

At LifePro Shield, we go beyond industry norms. While the NIJ testing standard demands a single shot of .30-06 armor-piercing ammo on a Level IV armored plate. Our thorough testing standard includes six shots of .30-06 armor-piercing, six shots of 6.5 Creedmoor, and six shots of M855. We’re committed to elevating your safety by pushing our products to the limit. Our relentless testing ensures peace of mind for those who rely on us.

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LifePro Shield Body Armor Test

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