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At LifePro Shield, our Level III+ Body Armor plates are meticulously engineered to adhere to the most stringent standards of protection, rendering them suitable for a wide range of high-risk environments.

  • Optimized Performance, Reduced Bulk: Crafted with the Lightweight ceramic/PE composite structure, these plates effectively absorb and disperse the kinetic energy generated by incoming rounds, thereby preventing penetration and ensuring the wearer's safety. 
  • Our Level III+ plates deliver equivalent protection to conventional steel options while offering enhanced mobility and agility, allowing military and law enforcement personnel to maintain peak performance in dynamic operational environments.
  • Comprehensive Defensive Capabilities: Engineered to safeguard against a variety of common rounds

7.62×39 mm AK47 MSC bullets of 123gr with velocity of 2379 ft/s

7.62×51 mm M80 Full Metal Jacketed (FMJ) bullets, of 147 gr with velocity of 2780 ft/s

5.56x45mm M193 bullets with 55gr rounds with velocity of up to 3,100 ft/s

5.56x45mm M855/green tip bullets of 62 gr (Penetrator rounds) with velocity of 3,100 ft/s.

This plate provides versatile defense for diverse tactical scenarios. Its spall-free construction further elevates safety, minimizing the risk of secondary fragmentation upon impact.

  • Professional-Grade Design: Tailored specifically for military and law enforcement applications, the lightweight composite Ceramic Plate equips professionals with premium protection and unmatched versatility, making it the preferred choice for demanding tactical missions.
  • Crafted for Stand-Alone application, our Level III+plates obviate the need for supplementary soft armor backing to unleash their complete protective potential. This characteristic diminishes the overall weight and bulk of protective equipment, fostering enhanced maneuverability and comfort during prolonged wear.
  • Undergo rigorous testing and certification, surpassing industry benchmarks to ensure uncompromising effectiveness and dependability.


Each piece of our armor is crafted with a single purpose: YOUR PROTECTION!

Because we believe in not just guarding lives, but empowering them.

Stay shielded, stay protected with LifePro Shield Body Armor!



NIJ Standard


  • 5
    Lightweight Powerhouse!

    Posted by Dave on 12th Oct 2023

    I've been using these armor plates, and they are a powerhouse in terms of protection. Shockingly lightweight and easy to move in, making my job so much easier. Definitely worth every penny!

  • 5
    Feels Like a Breeze!

    Posted by Ross on 12th Oct 2023

    I can't believe how lightweight these armor plates are! It's like they disappear when I put them on. Super comfortable and doesn't slow me down at all. A definite must-have.